The appointment of a newly qualified teacher brings with it opportunity, challenge and statutory responsibilities for all concerned – NQT, school and provider. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting schools to develop NQTs throughout their induction period and fulfill the relevant duties as laid out in the most recent government legislation.


We offer training to help build capacity in NQTs, alongside support for Induction tutors.
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NQT Manager Access

NQT Manager allows you to register your NQTs and submit their electronic assessments securely online. Access it here.

Universal Offer

The School Improvement Liverpool Universal Offer is available to all Liverpool schools and academies and is funded by either LA core funding or the Dedicated Schools Grant. Find out more about what is included in the Universal Offer for NQT's here.
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To find out more about what is available for NQTs, please email [email protected]


Find our NQT induction handbook here.