Education Visits

Educational visits and school trips help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners and encourage children and young people to engage with the public and places. 

Our approval system EVOLVE is an online tool for planning and managing educational visits, on-site activities, after school clubs and sports fixtures.

It is currently used by over 19,000 schools across the UK, and more than half a million staff have used the system to efficiently plan and approve 1.2 million visits and activities – and counting!

It helps schools, colleges, trusts and Local Authorities to improve and simplify the process of planning, approving, monitoring, evaluating and reporting all learning which takes place outside of the classroom. 

It is proven to reduce paperwork, simplify procedures, produce self-review and inspection preparation data, and improve staff confidence in that they automatically follow both employer, and National Guidelines.


Plan and submit details of your trip online - use EVOLVE for both LA approval an non LA approval trips. 

EVOLVE Guidance & Resources

Download useful EVOLVE Guidance and Resources here. 
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Evolve training

This session will teach you how to use the EVOLVE system with ease. You will learn how to input information and what information is necessary. You will learn how to get the most out of the system to support your school.
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