Transport & Travel

Transport & Travel

Liverpool City Council offers a range of travel services, as well as support and guidance in relation to children travelling to and from school.

When selecting a mode of transport it is important to consider a range of factors such as the age of the child, whether they have special requirements, and whether a more environmentally friendly mode of transport could be considered.

Special Educational Needs Transport

The home to school transport service provides transport for children who have special needs to and from their school.

LCC aim to provide a reliable and high quality service, and transport over 1300 pupils each day as part of over 350 different school routes.

Members of the City Council’s Transport Team will determine the appropriate method of transport unless parents decide to take pupils to school themselves.

Only the circumstances of the pupil will be taken into account and not the domestic circumstances of parents or carers or general family life.

The type of transport will be by one of the following:
  • A minibus collecting children on a specific route to school
  • A door-to-door minibus service
  • Multiple occupancy taxi
  • Single occupancy taxi
  • Expenses paid to parents that choose to take their own children to school

The City Council's transport unit has a number of large 16 seat minibuses that are not utilised between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. each day.

All vehicles are fully accessible, fitted with wheelchair lifts and suitable wheelchair occupant restraints.

Internal configurations can be a mixture of seated passengers or wheelchair users.

The transport unit would be interested to discuss with head teachers or other school travel organisers, ideas for using these vehicles for school trips or any other form of collaborative agreement to share resources.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact
[email protected] or call 233 6504

School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans are written documents produced by schools and tailored towards each school's particular travel issues.

School travel plans aim to reduce car dependency for school journeys by both enabling and encouraging pupils to walk, cycle or use public transport, with the involvement of teachers, parents, school governors, local authorities and neighbourhood community groups.

A School Travel Plan may be needed as a condition of the planning application approval.

If you already have a School Travel Plan it will need to be revised and updated to take into account the works planned – it is a living document.

It sets out a number of objectives to assist in facilitating the reduction of congestion at your school and initiatives to increase the use of alternative modes of travel to single car journeys.

The document should outline current travel modes by children and staff and define targets for increasing cycling, walking, public transport use and car share. It also needs to be monitored for progress on an annual basis.

For information on sustainable transport at individual schools please visit

For further information, advice and guidance on preparing and updating your School Travel Plan please email: [email protected] or call David on 0151 233 8134.