Philosophy for Children Accredited level 2A

Advance your skills for higher quality enquiries and to support less-experienced colleagues:

  • Facilitate P4C enquiries with more flexibility and reflection
  • Enhance learning through critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking
  • Drive progress in philosophical enquiry at your school

Two-day course:

  • Examines the nature, purpose and methods of philosophical enquiry
  • Shows how to choose and create materials to stimulate deeper philosophical thinking and dialogue
  • Extends practices and tools for better philosophical thinking and facilitation
  • Strengthens understanding of the theory and practice of critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking
  • Establishes criteria for planning and evaluating progress over a cycle of P4C enquiry, exercise and review

The course is designed for teachers who want to advance their own facilitation skills and to support colleagues with less experience in P4C.  Participants must have an Initial Practitioner certificate. Completion of the course and coursework will qualify you for a P4C Facilitator certificate.


How do I know when I’m ready for Level 2?

  • When you have been using P4C regularly in the classroom for six months or more
  • When your students are starting to ask higher order questions and to self-facilitate
  • When you want to start supporting colleagues who are less confident in P4C

Course benefits:

  • For teachers, stronger facilitation skills will allow P4C to be used more flexibly in your teaching
  • For students, deeper philosophical enquiry will enhance independent learning
  • For head-teachers, teachers who can model P4C facilitation and support colleagues
Refreshments will be available from 8.45am, with a 9 a.m prompt start.


£300.00 per delegate. unless otherwise stated
All costs are subject to VAT

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