Lunchtime Supervisor Assistant Training

This training is designed for all part time lunchtime supervisory staff.

This training has been specifically designed to broaden the knowledge and increase the professionalism and expertise of lunchtime supervisory staff, enabling them to fully understand the positive effects they can have on children’s learning and behaviour, and their contribution to whole school outcomes.

Why attend?

• This course will support delegates to understand the role of the Lunchtime supervisory assistant within the wider context of the whole school;
• Develop positive behaviour strategies;
• Engage in, organise, oversee and support playground activities.
• Increase understanding of issues around healthy eating.

Delegates are required to wear casual clothing and footwear suitable for participating in outdoor activities

Who should attend?

• Support staff.


£150.00 per delegate per session


£150.00 per delegate. unless otherwise stated
All costs are subject to VAT

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