Talking Maths

Talking Maths

Develop mathematical language and thinking strategies

Talking Maths is an intervention programme aimed at children from Years 1 - 3, 
but can be adapted for older children.
It supports children who are showing mathematical potential but who would benefit from developing their use and understanding of language in the context of mathematics.
The programme is also suitable for children where English is an additional language or speaking skills have been delayed.

For further details download the Talking Maths Sample by clicking on the image above. 

How does it work?
• It can be used as part of any class topic
• Link it to mathematics planning or as a standalone enhancement
• Deliver thirty, 20 minute sessions over ten weeks
• There’s minimal planning and preparation involved
• It can be administered by teachers, teaching assistants or adult helpers
• A simple assessment provides evidence of progress
• Resources are easily found in a primary school


Copies of the Talking Maths book can be purchased for £39.99 which also includes all Talking Maths resources on a handy USB drive. 

To order a Talking Maths Book & USB click here and send your order form to [email protected]
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