Supporting the Induction of newly arrived and EAL pupils

Our EMTAS team are highly experienced in supporting pupils for whom English is an Additional Language from a wide range of backgrounds including asylum seeker and Roma.

We provide targeted in class provision as well as balanced 1:1 and group withdrawal from early years to Key Stage 5.

We are equipped to offer guidance and support in terms of policy and practice as well as initial and on-going assessment.
We also offer a wide range of training supporting within the area of EAL from whole school self- evaluation to working with non-teaching staff.

Resources to support Newly arrived pupils

Maintaining and developing the home language is crucial to support the academic attainment of our EAL pupils.

It is particularly important for those EAL learners in the Early Years and Key Stage One to develop the mother tongue. 

This message should be given to the parents and carers of our EAL students and is available in:
We have produced a number materials to support the Induction of Newly arrived pupils and the multilingual classroom.

Resources to support EAL Pupils

We have produced a number materials to support EAL pupils and the multilingual classroom.

Parent / Carer ESOL Programme

EMTAS is able to deliver a school based Parent/Carer ESOL Programme. 

The programme offers those parents/ carers new to English the opportunity to develop English skills while learning  about how best to support their child at home.

The course also provides parents with the opportunity to learn more about life in the UK as well as the UK Education system.

Firm friendships are formed and signposting to other services and providers usually occurs.

The Programme is delivered by an EMTAS Curriculum and Support Officer with a strong background in ESOL delivery. 

The Programme runs over a six week period. Each teaching session lasts for 90 minutes and is delivered on a weekly basis.

The cost of the programme is £300 + VAT 

To request this programme or for further information please email [email protected]