Safeguarding Vulnerable Children Conference


Safeguarding Vulnerable Children Conference

Category: Behaviour & Safety, Teaching & Learning, Leadership & Management, Safeguarding
Our Safeguarding Confrence 2016, will take place on Thursday 1 December. It will support schools to implement the DfE’s revised statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and particularly how to safeguard vulnerable children.

It will focus on supporting schools to work in partnership with other agencies to promote children and young people's wellbeing and mental health. It will also consider how Ofsted examine safeguarding as part of the inspection process, including the school's approach to equality, diversity and social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. 

Keynote Speakers

We are joined by Professor Dame Sue Bailey a Consultant Child and Adolescent Forensic psychiatrist and Professor of Mental Health Policy in North West of England. She has extensive experience in the field of children and young people's mental health and well being.

Her keynote speech will give an overview of the current challenges and offer advice to schools to support effective partnerships with other agencies to promote children's well being and mental health.

For our second keynote the DfE have confirmed a senior DfE officer will present on the updated statutory safeguarding guidance for schools - Keeping Children Safe in Education.


Colleagues can select 3 from a choice of 5 workshops.
  1. Preparing for an Ofsted inspection of safeguarding
  2. A whole school approach to online safety 
  3. Supporting transgender children, young people and their families
  4. Practical strategies to support children’s wellbeing and mental health
  5. Supporting diversity within a school setting

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