Designed to support planning, teaching and learning you can order copies of our publications by emailing: [email protected]

Planning for Progress for Writing

Planning for Progress for Writing includes the generic key features of each text form –narrative, poetry & non-fiction. Copies are available to order for £150.

Problem Solving: Digging Deeper

This problem-solving resource has been compiled in response to the aims of the national curriculum ensuring that problem solving and reasoning is at the heart of the teaching of mathematics. Copies can be ordered for £75.

Spelling Assessment

Our half-termly tests and analysis sheets for Years 1-6 are available to order for £75.

Talking Maths

Talking Maths is an intervention programme that targets speaking and listening skills in the context of mathematical language. It can be used as part of any class topic and linked to the class teacher's mathematics planning, as well as a standalone enhancement to the mathematics lesson. Copies are available to order for £40.

Sale Items

Many items are limited stock, so grab a bargain while you can!

KS1 Phonics

Our KS1 Phonics resource replaces Phases 5 and 6 of Letters and Sounds and can now be ordered for £25.

Spelling Toolkits

Our spelling toolkits were designed to ensure coverage of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. A full set covering years one to six are now available for £100.

English Plans

These medium term plans enable children to secure knowledge, understanding and skills in decoding and comprehension. A full set covering years one to six are now available for £100.

Maths Plans

Our plans highlight the importance of making connections between concrete materials, models and images, mathematical language, symbolic representations and prior learning. A full set covering years one to six are now available for £100.

Calculation Policy

The policy focuses on the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and includes a list of the key mental maths skills that support written methods. Copies are now available to order for £25.