Accredited by the Department for Education (DfE), the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL) is the latest and most advanced leadership qualification. It involves the completion of five online modules and the creation, completion and write up of two projects in at least two settings;
  • One project that involves creating a sustainable business strategy
  • A second improvement project run across at least two settings

At this level, candidates will be required to demonstrate skills at the highest level of leadership which will include not only documentation, but presentations, online responses and personal reflection.

NPQEL is designed to meet the needs of those heads who are already working in more than one setting, or who are planning to become executive leaders in the near future.

The course includes analysis and evaluation of a wide range of leadership traits and skills, including reflection on the different structures and systems within multi-setting leadership.

This course is designed to fit around school life, with quality specialist training opportunities and is equal to 60 credits at Masters Level on completion.

We can broker placements, offer shadow and expert training opportunities and will support candidates through both face to face and online communication throughout the course.

Candidates must be working full time in schools to apply for the NPQEL course. You will also need governor approval at those sites involved in your projects.

You must be able to lead a whole school project across at least two sites for the duration of the course, and have the ability to deliver and gather information on the project that needs to be sustained for at least two terms.

There are single cohorts each academic year for NPQEL. We recruit and accept applications all year round for the October start date. Applications arriving after the end of September are allocated to the next academic year.


£2000 per candidate

Possible discounts are available for multiple candidates in a single location or hub, and possible bursaries for candidates in schools with more than 40% FSM, and for candidates from minority ethnic heritage. 

Download application form here
To register your interest, please email [email protected]uk