Newly Qualified Teachers


The appointment of a newly qualified teacher brings with it opportunity, challenge and statutory responsibilities for all concerned – NQT, school and provider. 

We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting schools to develop NQTs throughout their induction period and fulfil the relevant duties as laid out in the most recent government legislation.

This service will ensure compliance with statutory requirements and support schools with their induction responsibilities, including:
  • Advice, guidance and high quality support for Induction Tutors and NQTs
  • Administration - registration, assessment and administration of the database and electronic system
  • Helpline - managed by experienced support staff providing induction advice to all school staff involved in the induction process
  • Reporting - to government agency of each stage from registration to satisfactory completion of Induction
Additional Services, include:
  • Support visits for NQTs whose progress is causing concern
  • Advice on a school’s induction programme
  • Validation of processes when a Headteacher raises concerns
  • Quality assurance and independent verification of whether a teacher is meeting the core standards where schools have concerns
  • And much more!

NQT Manager Access

NQT Manager allows you to register your NQTs and submit their electronic assessments securely online. 

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NQT Induction Handbook

Liverpool Maintained Schools can download a copy FREE of charge. Please login to download your copy.

The Handbook has a 'Liverpool' feel, but the guidance and resources can easily be adapted for any school. If you would like to order a sample version or purchase a copy, please e-mail: [email protected]

Digital copies are available for £25.

NQT Registration

Can we remind schools about the importance of ensuring NQTs are registered promptly and
pre-employment checks carried out appropriately.

Increasingly, schools are registering NQTs after their start date – often a term or more after they have commenced employment – and request that the induction period is backdated.

Please note the following statutory points taken from the guidance: 
  • When you appoint a NQT, you must notify the Appropriate Body (us), before the Induction begins. The start date for the induction is determined by the Appropriate Body, and must be agreed in advance with the HT and the NQT (2.12) 
  • It is not possible to backdate the start of the induction period (2.15). 

As an Appropriate Body, we strive to support schools and NQTs during the Induction period, but this is difficult if a NQT is not registered with us prior to taking up post.

If a NQT is not registered before the start of their induction, we therefore cannot inform the NCTL of the appointment. As a consequence from the Summer Term 2015, we will no longer be able to backdate the start of the induction period.


NQT Checklist

When completing the checklist, if there are any areas that you tick NO to, please refer to the Statutory Induction Guidance to find out what you need to do.
Any questions in bold are prerequisites i.e. if the answer is NO, the NQT CANNOT start their induction and any induction that they have served will be deemed invalid and have to be repeated.
All other questions highlight what the essential elements are for a successful induction programme.

You can download a copy of the NQT induction checklist to use in your school.
Is the NQT registered with the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)?  (This also applies to NQTs who qualified outside England.) Do they hold QTS?
Have you checked the NQT’s QTS date?
If you are an Academy, Free School, UTC, Sixth Form College or Independent School, do you have an Appropriate Body in place prior to start of the NQT’s induction?
Have you obtained copies of induction forms from the NQT’s previous posts (if applicable) and sent a copy to [email protected] 
Has NQT Manager been notified that an NQT has started/is continuing their induction programme at your school
Have you arranged for the NQT to have a reduced timetable?
Does the Induction Tutor have the appropriate skills and experience to fully undertake their role?
Has the NQT made their Career Entry and Development Profile (CEDP) available to their Induction Tutor?
Does the NQT have the details for their named contact at the
Appropriate Body?
Does the NQT have an individualised and structured induction support programme?
Has the induction tutor set up a programme of observations and feedback/progress reviews?
Have regular meetings with the NQT and the Induction Tutor been scheduled?
Have regular meetings with the NQT and the Induction Tutor been scheduled?    
Are the Appropriate Body, the Headteacher, the Induction Tutor and the NQT fully aware of what is required for the NQT to continue to meet the Teachers’ Standards in an employment context?
Are the NQT, the Induction Tutor and the Headteacher all fulfilling their roles and responsibilities?
Is the NQT abiding by the Teachers’ Standards Part Two : Personal and Professional Conduct?


NCTL (National College for Teaching and Leadership)

Teacher Support Line

Provided by the Teachers Benevolent Fund and supported by the TDA. The teacher support network is the national 24-hour telephone counselling, support and advice service for teachers.

The Teacher Support Line is fully confidential and free to all teacher trainees and teachers in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales.

Counselling can be accessed using email through the website:

Teachers TV (Digital Channel)

Times Education Supplement (TES)

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